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Our Vision

We strive for a future where educational institutions are fully socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.

Far too often Facilities Leaders work in a silo, without the time, support, or expertise they need to arrive at the meaningful solutions that will make a difference.

Achieving campus sustainability faster,

We help you, post-secondary Facilities and Sustainability Leaders, leverage campus collaboration and data insight to reach your campus sustainability goals faster.

Work Presentation

We can help!

By connecting Facilities Leaders from different post-secondaries, we have created a network, rich in knowledge, expertise, and opportunity.


We provide access to this network, one-on-one support, and insights you need to quickly improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, engage your campus community, and make the strategic decisions that will lead to campus sustainability, faster.

Find support in a community of practice.

Learn from the experience of your peers and access shared resources and collective funding to accelerate progress.

Benchmarking performance

Inform your decisions using data that matters.

Our Energy Benchmarking and analysis provide you with information to make decisions that will save you time and money while reducing emissions.

Secure the funding you need, and put it to work.

Participate in collective Campus funding opportunities to leverage campus resources and accelerate progress.

Electric Car Battery Charging

Kickstart your Campus as a Living Lab initiative.

Engaging students and researchers on your campus can have powerful results that reach past your institution, but it requires complex coordination, expertise, and resources. We can help.

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