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A community of practice where Facilities Leaders share knowledge and build better practice to accelerate progress.

By connecting Facilities and Sustainability Leaders from educational institutions across North America, we have created a network for you to access that's rich in knowledge, expertise, and opportunity.

Ready to start engaging
with the community?
Break down silos between institutions across Alberta to accelerate progress.
  • Share knowledge, stories, and challenges.

  • Learn about innovative solutions undertaken by colleagues and access opportunities to discuss how you can apply them to your institution.

  • Reduce duplication, mistakes, and dead-ends.

  • Discover ideas and approaches that you may not otherwise have realized you needed to know.

  • Gain access to a catalogue of recorded presentations, webinars, etc.

Attend quarterly meetings on topics of interest to facilitate networking and learning.
  • You and your colleagues decide what topics you would like to learn about. The Sustainable Campus Collaborative will find the best experts to present.

Access a regular webinar series on topics designed to facilitate networking, learning and collaboration.

Example webinar topics:

  • Series on effective Building Energy Benchmarking

  • Series about purchasing renewable energy

    • Purchasing environmental assets and VPPA’s

    • Investing in renewable energy generation projects on campus 

    • Investing in renewable energy generation projects off campus

  • Series outlining steps to reduce Campus GHG Emissions

    • Steps to complete a Campus GHG Emissions Inventory

    • Steps to analyze GHG Emissions inventory to develop Campus Emission Reduction Priorities

    • Steps to create GHG Emission Reduction Strategy and Plan

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