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Green Roofs

Collective funding,
grant writing, and
shared resources.

We'll collaborate with you to identify grant funding opportunities and write proposals which, when successful, will provide funding to support your campus facilities’ projects. 


Funding will provide incremental resources to support campus facilities’ efforts to increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and emissions and accelerate campus sustainability.

Ready to learn about
funding opportunities?
We are experienced at finding and writing grants to access funding on your behalf.
  • External funding received from successful grant applications will provide valuable financial resources to deliver services and programs, like Building Energy Benchmarking.

  • Grant funding will pay for students and academics to undertake research and projects that support Facilities’ sustainability goals in energy efficiency, emissions and sustainability, while providing students with opportunities to apply their education to the real world. 

  • Providing students with opportunities to apply their knowledge to the real world will make their education more valuable, improving employability and creating opportunities to drive economic growth and diversification.

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