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Funding and coordination support to turn your Campus into a Living Lab.

We can help you access funding and coordinate the process to engage students and researchers in projects that will support facilities objectives. 


Projects will be carefully selected by the Campus as a Living Lab Project Adjudication Committee to accelerate campus energy efficiency improvement, GHG emissions reduction and sustainability progress, while providing students with valuable opportunities to learn about and work with leading technology.

Ready to engage students in hands-on learning?
Access the funding you need
  • We write proposals to access funding to pay students to do research and work on projects that support your campus facilities' priorities.

  • There are funding opportunities from organisations that invest in projects to improve sustainability performance, energy efficiency, and GHG emissions reduction to optimise performance and scale impact. We will work with you to identify those funding opportunities and write grant proposals to access funds.

Project Adjudication Committee
  • Our Project Adjudication Committee, made up of your peers, will determine campus funding priorities to maximize benefits to campuses and students.

  • 2-3 Project Adjudication Committee members will be nominated by our members to review and choose proposals from Campus Facilities departments, researchers, and students.

  • We'll work with this Committee to establish selection criteria and choose the projects best aligned with collective sustainability goals and objectives.

Campus as a Living Lab (CLL)
  • Campus as a Living Lab research projects use the post secondary campus as a testing ground for sustainability solutions. Projects connect classrooms to the real world, providing students with opportunities to apply their education and new technology to investigate solutions to real world challenges.

  • Student research projects provide students with valuable opportunities to engage with current technology in the field. This supports the value of the education your institution offers and contributes to student employability.

  • Campus as a Living Lab projects also support regional economic growth and diversification, as students and researchers apply their education and technology to help Campus Facilities find solutions to real world challenges.

We Partner with Industry to provide Internships
  • We'll partner with Industry to provide students with paid internships and to sponsor projects and research that take advantage of Campus as a Living Lab approaches.

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