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Valuable data insight services tailored to support post-secondary facilities’ campus sustainability.

Ready to start putting our services to work for you?

Our data insight services will provide you with the resources and information you need to prioritize and proceed with projects confidently.

Benefit from services such as an annual campus GHG emission inventory, building energy benchmarking, access to live and recorded presentations, webinars, white papers, and case studies.

Annual Building Energy Benchmarking
  • Energy benchmarking will provide you with actionable information to make decisions about investment and processes to reduce energy consumption, emissions, and costs.

  • ​Collective Post Secondary benchmarking provides valuable feedback from other campuses that use buildings the same way as your campus does. This creates opportunities to collaborate to accelerate progress.

Annual Campus Energy Efficiency Awards
  • Annual Campus Energy Efficiency Awards recognize innovation and performance improvements as well as highlight best practices to help campuses collectively find opportunities to accelerate energy efficiency improvement. 

  • The process will also recognize and motivate employees to identify energy efficiency opportunities.

Campus GHG Inventory, Planning, Target setting, and Strategy
  • Receive training on how to develop your campus greenhouse gas inventory, a reduction plan, and setting ambitious but achievable reduction targets.

  • This service and analysis will support the integration of your Campus GHG emissions reduction strategy to support the achievement of campus objectives.

  • Your campus can sign up to receive an annual GHG inventory and Management plan compliant with World Resource Institute’s GHG Protocol Standard that includes analysis and reports to support campus progress to achieve its emissions goals.

Advanced Energy Performance Analysis and Energy Audits
  • A good energy audit is a valuable guide when making building energy efficiency investment decisions.

  • Virtual energy audits make it easier to access reliable data. Analytic tools then use this data to provide useful insights, saving staff valuable time and money.

  • Virtual audits are easier to conduct, and more reliable than audits performed manually by a person on site. They require only electric interval data, gas bills, and the address of the building. 

AASHE STARs Reporting
  • This service will support collection and reporting to support strategic decision making, resource allocation and campus engagement to achieve results.

Policy and Strategic Review and Analysis
  • This service will support your sustainable procurement, alignment of institutional strategies and plans to achieve energy consumption, and GHG emission reduction objectives.

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